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Amazon Sales Manager

This is our bread and butter. We sell and manage your products on Amazon for a small sales commission. Earn up to 35% more profit per unit sold, save time, and increase sales volume with this proven model compared to your traditional wholesale accounts. Our innovative selling approach has a tiered pricing structure that saves you more money with every sale.

Amazon Product Listing Service

Need an Amazon specific product listing? Our experienced content writers have the knowledge to build effective product listings that are optimized and favorable to Amazon’s internal search ranking algorithm.  We also navigate Amazon’s complex rules and regulations and stay within their terms of service.

All listings will include a keyword rich product title, 5 bullet points, description, and 20 heavily researched keywords.


Amazon Product Review Manager

Amazon product reviews are a very important metric for conversion rate and views. Not only do they help rank your product higher, but they offer social proof to potential customers making their buying decision a lot easier.

We work with the world’s best product review services to acquire high quality reviews for your Amazon listing.

Amazon Pay Per Click Campaign Manager

Amazon pay per click is a very powerful tool to send more traffic to your listing. We research the competition, market, and target buyer to extract the best keywords and keyword phrases for your listing.

You set your daily budget: we analyze the data and continuously monitor and refine your campaign to ensure its running at max efficiency and profitability.


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