Our Process

A step by step explanation of how this all works.

1. Establish Your Amazon Cost

We crunch the numbers to find out exactly how much selling your product on Amazon will cost. There are a number of fees associated with selling on amazon which we can detail and outline for you. Be warned, although Amazon can be a very powerful sales channel often times the fees can eat up your margin making selling on Amazon a challenge. If this is the case, we may have some strategies and solutions that could help.

2. Create Your Amazon Product Listing

Once we agree upon the costing we will begin to build your Amazon product listing which will include:

  • 4 high-resolution professionally shot Amazon appropriate product photos.
  • A detailed product listing that is optimized specifically for Amazon to convert to sales.
  • A professionally written keyword rich product title, bullet points and description.

3. Create Your First Fulfillment Order

Once your listing is setup and approved we move forward and send inventory to the fulfillment centers. We always choose to fulfill by Amazon, meaning Amazon will store your product in their warehouses, pick, pack and ship the orders as they come in. We choose this method for a number of reasons of which we can go into detail with you. We will provide pre-paid shipping labels; all you do is ship it. We generally recommend 30-90 days worth of inventory depending on your sales volume.

4. Sell Your Products

It’s time to start selling product! Sales may be slow to start, this is completely expected, it will take time to build sales momentum. We will focus on becoming relevant for your keywords and build your keyword ranking organically.  We have a number value added services that can help speed this process.

5. Get Paid For Your Sales

Every month we will send you a detailed sales report outlining your sales for the month by sku including traffic and conversion rate. Funds owing will be sent to you via direct deposit.

Earn up to 35% More Than Your Wholesale Program!

Our unique selling program has all the time saving benefits of a wholesale program but allows you to keep the sales in-house, earning you more revenue per sale.

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