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Should I let other businesses sell my products on Amazon while using Amazon Sales Manager?

No, we should be the only seller on Amazon. The more product we sell for you, the lower your costs will be.

What happens if my products don't sell?

If your products do not sell, we can create a removal order and send back your entire inventory.

What happens if I sell more than anticipated and go over my selected plan in sales and incur a lot of extra charges?

We will automatically move you to the appropriate sales plan to minimize your costs.

Why shouldn't I just sell my product at wholesale and let other retailers sell my products on Amazon?

You make more money and earn a higher profit margin when using Amazon Sales Manager compared to traditional wholesale accounts.

Do my products need a UPC barcode?

Yes, all products need a UPC barcode or EAN in order to sell on amazon.

If I don’t have UPC/EAN barcodes on my products, what should I do?

Simply purchase a barcode from GS1, print the barcode onto labels and stick them on your packaging.

What happens if a customer returns a product purchased on amazon or requests a refund?

If the product is un-opened or still sellable it will go back into inventory, if the product is not sellable and the return and/or refund was authorized by Amazon, we will charge the equivalent to your account.

Do you sell in the United States and Canada?

Yes, we offer our services in both the American and Canadian marketplace.

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